Monday, September 30, 2013

High Waisted Shorts + Print Muscle Tanks = HOT!!

Grungy/Punk Rock (minus the leather) since it's way too hot to be strutting around in those in the likes of Bangkok..for this look I paired a pair of high waisted shorts with some cool printed tanks finished off with purple tinted ray bans, funky feather neck accessories..and of course red lips...MUAH x 


Bangkok Thrift Shop Hauling!

Sooo I decided to do a 'quick' video on my thrifted goodies from the stylish streets of Bangkok ;) It is amazing how much good deals there are out there besides the malls and all brand name malarky. I was able to get decent quality stylish accessory bits and bobs for quarter the price...not too shabby is it?...anyway check out the stuff I got my hands on!...You would WANT to move to Bangkok after watching this haul video :P lol....but here I'm just showing you the print muscles tanks and tees I bought from the market ;) I think this will look so trendy paired with some high waist shorts and studded booties ;) BKK Look Book Vid coming soon x


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Product Info. on my 'Katy Perry' Roar Makeup look ;)

Well hello ladies, we meet again ;) and this time my inspiration for this particular makeup look is from Miss Perry's roaring success new single..ahem..'ROAR'..yeh..I am just loving her new classy not too much in your face natural simple look in this video, it is a perfect combo with her funky jungle leopard print top and leaves tutu she had on in the MV ..teehee...anyways here it is as promise the detailed info. on the products I used to achieve this look...don't forget to check it out on ma channel people..;) ROAR!!

I am going to list the number of products I used for each part of my face...
The Face
  • Benefit's Erase Paste - Used to conceal any dark circles, blemishes and red patches on my skin. I usually use a concealer brush to apply mine on, most people like to use their fingers as it warms the product before application, giving it a smoother touch, I prefer brushes as this helps to really reach the hard to reach areas, creases and certain angles of my face...however it is totally up to you what you use.
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid foundation - This is my ultimate prized beauty tool, I love it so much as it applies onto my skin so smoothly without caking up. I only needed a pea size amount to cover the whole of my face, and the best part is it leaves an airbrush non sticky/non shiny finish to your face.
  • Laura Mercier Loose Powder - This is one of my favourite powders to used when I set my foundation, I just use a bit to lightly dust onto my face without making it look too thick, and the best thing about this powder is it stays on your face the whole day, which also helps to keep your makeup in place during the hot months without it running off your face!
The Eyes
  • Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in BOLD GOLD - I apply a light layer of BOLD GOLD onto the main crease of my eyes to act as the main base for the application of the other colors, this helps to glam up the simple neutral look Katy has in her MV without being too over done.
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette- This is the main palette used for this look. I used 'Venus' to highlight my brow bones, followed by a wash of W.O.S to the main fold of my lids. Followed by 'Naked 2' which I emphasized into the deep sockets of my eyes, this helps make the whole look more defined.
  • Arden Half Lashes- Instead of going for the full flare of a full lash, I opted for half falsies to help emphasize the outer wings of my eyes. This will help make the look more girly and natural.
  • Majorlica Majorca Mascara- This is by far my favourite drugstore mascara!! Not only is it totally waterproof but it gives length and lift to your lashes. This works perfectly applied on its own or prepping for falsies.

The Lips
  • O.C.C Lip Tar- I used a combination of two colours on my lips. After moisturising my lips with some lip balm, I first applied the pink colour before kissing off the access onto my arms, this is so that I can have some texture on my lips before applying the white. The white is applied in order to dilute the intensity of the pink so that it will leave me with a more natural pink tint on the lips.

The Cheeks
  • Benefit's Coralista Blush - For this simple natural look, I decided to go for a touch of coral on my cheeks to give the whole look more of a cheeky glow. The coral will also help to offset my neutral eyes and neutral pink lips.

And VOILA! you have yourself a little Katy Perry Makeover ^_^ Hope you guys like it! x 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

♔Katy Perry 'ROAR' Inspired Makeup Tutorial!♔


Cute Makeup Bags & Accessories :)

Cute Makeup Bags by Benefit & Dereon

R U ready for Halloween? :)


$3 each for Printed Tanks!!!! say whaaaatttttt???? ;)

Who can say NO to these wicked prints for just B 100 or $ 3 a piece?!..Of course I couldn't!! After some spiritual cleansing and getting in touch with my inner peace, I decided to get in touch with my inner style and street SHOPPING it is!! ;)

Time for some tranquility & inner peace..

I started off my weekend with some spiritual cleansing and so off we went to one of Bangkok's most holy and worshipped temples, not far from Khao San rd..(ofcoz we did not miss the good ol' street shopping later...I got 4 vests at B 100 apiece, $3!!!! eeeek!!! you'd be jumping up and down with joy too if you were me..) The smell from the burning incense and candles was really calming, triggering a sense of serenity amongst its worshippers alongside the lulling chants coming from the main temple hall. It had been an incredible start to the much needed weekend, and I have never felt so much better about life every time I visit any place of worship, I guess giving yourself time to really be with yourself and focus on your own inner thoughts can be such an immense experience  :)


Friday, September 20, 2013

Coffee break & Crazy Shoes!!

Another relaxing afternoon with my's time for some more bargain breaks and some crazy shoes!! We checked out a few Jeffrey Campbell's new arrivals...and I guess fashion can be a topic of debatable taste..and sanity? I am not hating on it..but I am just not sure what exactly went through the designer's head or what exactly inspired him to come out with such strong and CRAZY a** designs...don't get me wrong.. I love Campbell's designs..(I own 4 pairs of litas...yes that's right)...& ofcoz when his new designs came out I could not but help check them out...but to my dismay I guess taste or style was not in his dictionary this time Y_Y....was just NOT my cuppa tea...!! sadly...but kudos to those who has the guts to wear them off lol (or outfits to go with)...I guess if ure famous enough U can pull anything off :P hahahaha x


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bangkok Thrift Shopping! :)

So as most of you may have gathered already from my last post, I have already made my way back up to Bangkok Cityyyy!! and I am so happy to finally be back!!! Why?? well it's not hard to take a wild guess right!?..SHOPPING!! and affordable shopping at that..:) I was able to leisure my way through the many variety of thrift shops and local designer shops Bangkok has to offer and it totally blew my mind how much I was able to get for a $ 60 shopping spree..approx B 2,000!! I was able to get myself 3 bags, 4 tops, 3 rings, 1 skirt, 1 pair of earrings, a belt and a scarf..and I couldn't have been happier about it!..Watch out for my upcoming thrift haul on YOUTUBE to find out what goodies I was able to snatch up ;)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beautiful Blue Lagoon

My last day at Krabi was spent exploring the beautiful clear blue waters of 'Tha Pom Klong Song Nam'... Which is one of krabi's most beautiful untouched piece of natural haven.. The waters were crystal clear.. You can see the bottom of the lagoon.. Full of life and natural wonders of the Thailand's Wildlife. It was such a wonderful experience for me.. I was so happy to be able to experience it on my last day with my family in krabi ..My Vlog on this special day out will be up soon ^_^

'Tha Pom Klong Song Nam'

The waters at this place was the clearest blue I have ever seen so far. Apparently according to the park rangers there, there is an abundance of both sea and fresh water fish in the lagoon because the under current of the lagoon is salt water whilst the top part is fresh water, which may be the reason why it is this beautiful and so clear.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

♡ Beach OOTD & VLOG || Krabi S.Thailand ♡


Editing my VLOG & OOTD video ...coming soon ;)

Finally...another video being edited and coming your way soon!...I had so much FUN shooting this Vlog and OOTD with my beautiful sister in law in Krabi, South Thailand...Although it is a 'summer' beachy look..and yes I know it's approaching the end of summer almost everywhere else in the world..but hell it's still hella HOT out here!!...and I am just too in love with the dress I bought from a local beach store not to feature it on my here it is a simple boob tube flowy midi..with really vibrant floral colors, so simple and comfortable! The location of the shoot is Ao nang, Krabi which is a popular beach destination in the South of Thailand..Video coming soon! Let me know what you all think ^_^


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LIFE is BEACHY...^_^

Ahhh....LOVING the life of a beach girl!!! I went for a quick stroll along the beach which is basically 5 minutes walk down the road from our family hotel... AND boy oh boy was it a treat!! The weather had been kind to us so far...a few days of rain here and there but overall the skies were bluer than blue and the waters were crystal clear..and so it was...a perfect time for a quick photo shoot session of my OOTD on the beach...^_^..

Floral Prints for the beach!
Today I opted for a floral romper type dress, which I paired with my gold sandals and H&M Fringed bag. I completed this relaxed look off with some Forever 21 studs & shades..the colors really complimented well with the exotic backdrop of the beach and palm trees!

Cute Gold Sandals I got from Target

Floral Romper Dress with H&M Fringed Bag


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome back home to me! Ao Nang, Krabi, S. Thailand

After a month and a half away from home, I finally came back to Thailand for my brother's wedding (blog on that coming soon!), also to the everyday reality of being back home...which was not bad at all if your doorstep is sandy white beaches and coconut trees...yep to much of my friends envy, I live in one of Thailand's most beautiful beach destinations, Ao Nang Krabi :) And loving it? Hell YES!! Since it was still pretty much the low season, the beach was not too busy or packed with tourists, which is nice for daily morning/evening strolls. My family owns a small hotel not far from the main walking strip of Ao Nang Beach, life here is pretty chilled so working also take the same stride, especially during the off season. So if you are interested to come down to Krabi Thailand in the near future let me know! And I'll hook you guys up with affordable 5 star service accommodation :P....Okay let's move onto their YUMMY & CUTE ass cafes... The one thing that Thais appreciate is CUTENESS. The cuter the place, the more profitable.. and also COFFEE seems to be a very important agenda in an average Thai person's daily routine, hence all the cafes that are lined along the beach fronts and the town area are oh so cute & sweet..and of course I could not resist but to go try them out whenever I had the chance ;)

'Im Aim' Cafe in Krabi cute is their decor!? 
The yummy cakes & desserts at 'Vanilla Cafe'

Chilling with my silly brother and adorable sister in we are all dressed so similarly 

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