Saturday, September 26, 2015

VITAGOODS | Spin for Perfect Skin (HONEST REVIEW...

The need for clearer, smoother and younger looking skin has always been amongst every woman's top ten priorities in the world of beauty...ESPECIALLY as we age! Eventually as the years go by, that priority will become our number one point of concern!

Facial brushes has become exceedingly popular over the past few years, with brands making promises of clearer looking skin after every use, but does it really work? and more importantly, do our skin really need all of that extra 'cleansing' as it were?

I was given the opportunity to test this theory out on myself after Vitagoods contacted me asking whether or not I would be interested to try out one of their top selling facial brushes 'Spin for Perfect Skin'. The name sounded promising enough so naturally I was more than intrigued to try it out. The shipping was nothing short of efficient, and I was impressed that within just a few days to one week I received my brushes!

There are altogether 4 different types of brush heads that came with the set (Click here for a more in depth look at each one!) and at first glance, the bristles were quite soft to the touch & I really liked that so many variety of brushes were provided to deep clean certain parts of your body. For the purpose of this review, I tested out primarily the main cleansing facial brush (the softest one) for a period of 3 weeks, therefore I didn't really get a lot of time to properly test out the other brush heads.
My first initial experience with the cleansing brush was actually a pretty good one! I have never actually used a cleansing brush before therefore when I used it the first time I felt as though it did what it was meant to do..deep clean my face and ridding it of all traces of dirt and makeup grime. However, the problem was what I experienced the following morning. I found a tiny cluster of small pimples around the middle area of my brows and a slight one coming up on my right cheek, which frankly left me feeling quite puzzled. I assumed that since I have never really deep cleansed my skin that thoroughly before, the cleansing process from the night before pretty much stripped my skin off natural oils causing my skin to promptly react and break out a little due to irritation. After using it consecutively 3 nights in a row, I decided to give up since my skin was already starting feel quite raw from using it too much. My skin is naturally very dry and super thin, which may be the reason why I could not personally use the cleansing brushes on a daily basis as recommended, and although the bristles felt soft but spinning against my face it felt very abrasive and rather harsh :( which was unfortunate because I was really prepared to like this product after seeing so many great reviews on it previously.
So...for me personally, I was not able to use this product on an everyday basis, however if I were to use it less regularly, say once every two weeks or even once a month, I am sure it would have served a better purpose. This product is best suited for ladies who are already quite familiar with facial brushes, since your skin would have gotten used to the bristles unlike mine. If you are a rookie at facial brushes like I am or if you have acne prone skin, look for something a little bit more gentle so that it won't irritate or cause breakouts!

Bottom line, this may be better suited for others but for me I think I am just going to stick to using my hands for everyday cleansing lol... and maybe once in a while use these brushes for exfoliating purposes!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Today marks the first official day of Fall out here in the States!..and although where I am at right now still feels like late Summer..I must admit that I am really looking forward to when I can start layering out my wardrobe again!...that and also ofcoz the excuse to wear dark vampy makeup all day long haha

So two days ago I FINALLY received my Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics...and my golly was it difficult to get my hands on this limited palette! After waiting anxiously for 4 hours straight on the date of its initial release, the BH Cosmetics website promptly crashes on me! This palette was selling like hotcakes and within the first 12 hours it was sold out =_=...By what seemed like my 100th attempt to purchase this palette (at which time I was about to give up seriously >.<) I was overjoyed to be put on their pre-order list....and to be fair for a mere $12.50 which is pretty much a drugstore friendly range, this palette absolutely did exceed its humble little price tag! I was pleasantly surprised by the creaminess and pigmentation of each colour, especially the shimmer ones! (which this palette had A LOT of)...I am initially a self proclaimed Matte eyeshadow bias, but after trying out all these gorgeous neutral shimmer colours I am extremely impressed. The thing is these shimmer shades are creamy enough to blend out without it looking too glossy...and it is a perfect addition to people like me who loves neutral shades yet when needed for that extra glam, there is an the option to do so seamlessly.

There are altogether 10 eyeshadow shades and 4 highlight shades in the palette. The top row are more cooler tones, with the most matte colours and one peachy shimmer colour that can be used as a brow and tear duct highlight. The second row comprises more of warmer tones and alot of shimmer! There's only one dark brown matte shade right at the end and the shimmers are gold/copper tones. These shadows can also be used as highlighters too and there is enough selection of shades to suit any type of skin tones. Finally the last row comprises of the 4 bigger pans of highlighters, ranging from pearly white tones to a deep and darker coral/gold tones..which I absolutely love. Carli really put a lot of thought into creating this palette so that it can suit with all types of skin tones which I think is cool.

The one thing I do like a lot about this palette is the fact that the colours are neutral with a great selection of cool and warm tones which is suitable for both everyday and glammed out looks. This palette is versatile enough for me to use on a daily basis..and for the price and the quality..I seriously can't complain! Extremely happy with my palette so far!...So..what do you guys think of the palette?

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