Monday, August 28, 2017

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review

Hello Everyone!

So today I want to share with you my experience after using Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair line. The two products I will be concentrating my review on are the "Synchronized Recovery Complex II" serum & the "Eye Concentrate Matrix" eye cream. So let's first start off with the Synchronized Recovery Complex II Serum first.
This is essentially a night time serum that should be applied before sleep. It comprises of Estee Lauder's unique ChronoluxCB Technology & Hyaluronic Acid which helps to diminish the first vital signs of aging. It boasts a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles- which I GLADLY put to the test! 

The consistency of the serum is very light and hydrating. It has a slight scent of lemongrass (in my opinnion!) which reminds me of a spa, and the serum absorbs into my skin so smoothly and seamlessly, it was so shocking! No residue of stickiness or tackiness left behind either. Super impressed. The fact that it is so light on the skin is great for night time application, I personally love night masks and serums to help work its magic overnight so I really appreciated how light this serum feels on my skin because it is not too overbearing while I sleep. 

The second product, Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix is probably my favorite out of the two I tested! This eye concentrate contains an ultra nourishing, skin strengthening formula which helps to "plump" up the appearance of saggy under eyes and fine lines.
The consistency of this cream is richer and thicker but still I still find it quite light on my skin. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to hydrate and combat signs of aging, and it feels super soothing on my under eye area! I really look forward to seeing significant results from using it long term!

Overall I am very impressed with my first initial experience with these two products! I've heard so many great things about Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair (ANR) line in the past, so being able to properly test it out this time was a great opportunity for me. I also truly appreciate that Estee Lauder makes these products suitable for all skin types and ethnicities! 

Want to know where you can get your hands on one? 
Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Click HERE
Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix Click HERE

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Late Summer Makeup Feat. Colourpop SHE Palette, Vanity Store Brush Set & CAILYN Pure Lust Extreme Matte Lip Trio

Good Monday Morning!^^

Today I want to share a quick review & makeup tutorial on a "Late Summer Makeup Look" I just uploaded on my channel yesterday! Summer is slowly passing us by and before we fully get into the warm rich colors of Fall/Autumn, I want to show one last appreciation for sweet bright colors of the summer we just had. For this look, I've decided to use my new Colourpop SHE Palette from their Karrueche X Colourpop collaboration. The colors of this palette is sweet yet sultry with a nice combination of dusty rose to mauve shimmery colors..I seriously LOVE the color selection of this palette so much!

I will also be using my new Vanity Planet Professional Makeup Brush Collection! This collection comes with a nice variety of ultra soft premium synthetic bristle makeup brushes, from face to eye brushes. I like the convenience of having everything I need in this one roll out brush set. It's great for traveling too! Don't forget to watch my full tutorial to see how I use each brush to get this makeup look :)

REVIEW: To be honest I didn't really use every single one of the brushes in this set, but the ones that I did use I found was very soft and feels nice against my skin. They do not shed at all! However, the flat top stippling brush I used for my cream products did not feel 'stiff' enough for me to properly blend the products into my face. The eye makeup brushes worked well and helped blend out the eye makeup nicely, but I personally feel there should be more variety for blending brushes. 

To complete this look, I will also be using CAILYN Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Lip Trio. The colors in this trio pack are numbers 5, 32 & 48. I chose this particular trio set because of its beautiful nude tones and one sultry red that would also be great for the coming fall season.

REVIEW: All three colors are super pigmented and glides on well. They all have a beautiful matte finish which seriously DOES NOT BUDGE!...and it can get quite difficult to remove too. It dries within seconds and stays on without the need for touch up for the whole day. My favorite color out of the three is the #32, it has a beautiful deep nude/pink color that is great for everyday wear.

All in all I do love the brush set and the lip trio. For the price point for each I think you do get a fairly good value for money, however for the Vanity Planet brush set the price could be significantly lower.

Want to know where to get your set?
Click here for the Vanity Planet Brush Set
Click here for the CAILYN Trio Matte Lips
Click here for Colourpop SHE Palette


Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello everyone! Today I come to you with another mask review & quick demo on this I DEW CARE "Berry Bubbly Purifying Bubbling Berry Clay Mask"..yep it's a tongue twister alright! I have the pleasure of testing out this product through the courtesy of MEMEBOX, and so today I will be giving you my raw first impression on this little gem!

First off let me fill you in on what the main ingredients are in this clay mask. The first main ingredient is the "Kaolin Clay" which is a soft white cosmetic clay that is great for sensitive skin in particular! It helps to detoxify your skin, reduce excess oil, treats acne and purifies pores! The second main ingredient would be the 3 berry extracts (Blueberry/Raspberry/Strawberry) each with their own beneficial contributions to our skin. The raspberry helps to moisturize/hydrate the skin, the blueberry provides the skin with all the necessary antioxidants, and finally the strawberry helps with oil control.

The texture of the clay itself appears to be very "pudding-like" or "mousse-y" in appearance. It has a lovely floral scent with a slight hint of fruity twang mixed in which I found really pleasant as I applied the mask! So the direction states that you should apply only a thing layer of the product onto the face, and this is because it works super fast! As soon as the mask touches my skin, it pretty much started bubbling a few seconds later! So working fast to apply the mask onto your face evenly is key.
Once the mask is on and you have pretty much filled in all the gaps, leave the mask to bubble its way into your skin for 10-15 minutes. Do not massage the product into your face during this time, just let it work its magic- you can work the rest of the bubbles into your skin later while you cleanse off your face!

After cleansing my face, I really did feel a significant difference in my skin! Especially its appearance! The skin felt very hydrated and moisturized and it also looked really bright and glow-y too. Recommended number of uses is twice a week for best results, and I can definitely see myself indulging in that!

So how do I feel about this mask? All in all I do feel that it is a great mask, especially for people with dry and sensitive skin, and also for bubble lovers! This mask although it was a tad bit messy, it worked well and was fun to use. I really like how fast it worked on me and clear results can be seen instantly even after the first use!

Where to buy? You can get it at ULTA stores nationwide or!
or Amazon

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