Saturday, May 27, 2017

Most UNDERRATED Korean Skincare Brand EVER! │LJH Leejiham Bio+N Alike Sk...

Good Saturday afternoon from Korea guys!

So yesterday I finally uploaded my new skincare review on the Lee Jiham (LJH) Bio +N line. Now this brand is not a new brand, however it is not exactly the type of brand that would suddenly pop to mind straightaway when you first think of K-beauty. Now I am not saying that it is not a good or not a well known brand, it is just not a brand that is as "commercially recognized" as other  typical K-beauty skincare front liners out there.. (unless of course if you are a true K-beauty brand fanatic then you would probably have heard of it once or twice before lol) Anyway, in my opinion this brand and in particular these products are so underrated! and what really strikes me about this brand is the fact that they are the first cosmeceutical skincare brand in Korea. Dr. Lee Jiham who is the founder and creator of this brand created this brand based off his need for suitable skincare products for his aesthetic and skin patients at his clinics after their operations. His idea of combining pharmaceutical products with cosmetics is definitely something to marvel at. I really love the idea of having a skincare product that not only beautifies you but also improve the health and well being of your skin in one go! Super cool idea!

So let me just quickly summarize up the whole idea behind this LJH line in particular. The BIO +N Alike Skin Toner & the BIO + N Barrier cream both comprises of up to 85% Bio mineral water instead of purified water. For those of you who are not sure of the benefits of "Bio mineral water", this is essentially a skin identical ingredient which aids in helping the product get absorbed better into your skin. So instead of the products just staying on top of your skin when you apply it, the bio mineral water assists in absorbing all the rich ingredients of these products straight into your skin! I think of it as an expressway for your skin to receive all the nutrients from the skincare products lol.

Another great property of this line is that it is super soothing and feels hydrating and gentle on the skin! My dry skin was literally lapping up the toner and the cream. They absorbed so well into my skin and so smoothly that within seconds I could see that my skin had more moisture level to it. Since the brand concentrates its core ingredients heavily on Korean herbal extracts, the BIO +N line is deemed as hypoallergenic. It is soothing and gentle enough for people with sensitive or acne prone skin and the brand even claims that it is mild enough that even kids can benefit from them! I am also pleased to inform you guys too that this line DOES NOT contain any Parabens, Talc, Mineral Oil or Alcohol, which makes this skincare line even more of a wonder for me as to why it is not more recognized than it is now!?
Finally let me wrap up one last benefit and probably the biggest one for me lol. IT IS ANTI- AGING! Hallelujah! lol..For those who are in their thirties like me, this is the most IMPORTANT factor for me when it comes to selecting or trying out skincare products. Both the toner and the cream has a skin barrier property which helps to protect your skin from all the pollution and other external environmental factors which could dry out and clog up your skin, ultimately leading to fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.
The last product in this review is on LJH Vital CC Cream, and this is also another little gem of a find for me! This CC cream is such a time saver! It is an all in one multi tasking CC cream which comprises of makeup, sunscreen & vitamin C. But it is its ability to "Natural skin tone match" which really intrigued me! This CC cream not only brightens and hide imperfections in one step but it also automatically skin matches according to your skin tone to give a nice natural finish without looking chalky or leaving an overcast. At first I was a little concern because the cream looked really white and since it also contains SPF, I was afraid I would not be able to blend it out properly. I was wrong lol. The cream blended in and absorbed pretty quickly into my skin I was so surprised! It also gave a nice natural looking coverage. I personally like light to medium coverage because I don't like anything too heavy on my face especially during the day, and as you can see even with a small amount I was able to achieve that. Of course you can build on it if you prefer full coverage! It is nice and light so I really like it so far for my daytime wear.
So all in all what do I think of these three products from LJH so far? If you haven't guessed it already, I am pretty impressed! These are my first products I have tried from this brand and it is fair to say that I will definitely be trying out more! :) I heard that their Vita Propolis Ampoule is a hit at the moment..maybe I will try that next..lol


LJH Bio + N Alike Skin: 9/10

LJH Bio + N Barrier Cream: 8/10

Vital CC Cream: 8/10


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Healthy Life. Happy Life!

Apparel by FLX'N Activewear

This morning as I looked into the mirror what appeared back at me was a worn out looking person with serious under eye bag issues and dull looking skin, and that was when I realized I have not been looking after myself as much as I should have been. It seems like nowadays work has overtaken every single aspect of my life- I no longer have the time to eat or sleep properly, let alone exercise regularly. What we have decided to prioritize ourselves with these days overshadows the very existence of our well being and health, and by the time we finally settle down to enjoy the fruits of our labor from all the "work" we have been doing all our lives, that is when our body starts to retaliate- hospital bills starts flooding in, achy joints and back pains starts spreading discomfort throughout our body, it truly is the debt that we all must pay for not taking the time we should have to look after ourselves properly. 
Apparel by FLX'N Activewear

So with this in mind, I have decided that I really should do something drastic about it. I don't want to be one of those people who ends up having to pay half of my pension to hospital bills and living out my life in wards. No. I won't let that happen! For this very reason, I decided to start being kinder to myself, to LOVE myself a lot more, to prioritize MYSELF first, and this is why I have decided to start a new section in my blog dedicating to a better living and lifestyle choices that I hope will not only keep me in check but also help to motivate whoever reads this to do the same. My plan is to start exercising at least 3 times a week (from 0 workouts!) and also watch what I eat more closely. I want this to a be longterm goal and health achievement so I want to slowly get myself into it so that it sticks and becomes part of a "better me" over time. I am not looking for quick fixes to my body image but a long term investment to healthier lifestyle. 
Apparel by FLX'N Activewear

So with this said, I urge you all to follow me on my journey to being healthy! This is my first post for this section and I hope as the posts increase, so will my stamina and determination towards a better and healthier me! Stay tuned for more updates on how I go about achieving a "Happier Healthier Life!" #TayaFitness

Monday, May 22, 2017

The MOST PAINFUL Mask EVER?! Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask REVIEW &...

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today I come to you with the acclaimed "Most painful peeling mask EVER!!" Now this product has already been out in the market for quite some time now and I really contemplated whether or not I should even do a review on it since there are already SO MANY reviews/ videos on them already! Nevertheless my curiosity got the best of me lol. I really wondered if it was as painful as everyone says it was?? Or is it all part of a really clever marketing strategy the company has decided to come up with? And with this in mind I dove head first to testing it out for myself..and boy was I in for a very big reality check! HAHA!

My initial reaction when I first got the product was oh my goodness what a cute packaging! True to all Elizavecca products, the packaging is fun and cute. The product came in this convenient squeezable bottle and the consistency of the mask itself is slightly viscous but not sticky. It also has a nice fresh scent to it. It was really to apply, I used my spare spatula to thinly spread the product all over my face.
You can build on the thickness to however much you like but I decided to spread a thin layer this time round. After a few minutes, the mask tightened up a little bit especially around my mouth and jaw area, and by the time it was15 minutes (recommended time to leave the mask on) it became really difficult to talk or even move my mouth! The mask dried off to a very plastic looking finish and as you can guess, this is what makes it almost impossible to peel off!
Also the bits of mask that were left stuck on my hands and fingers all turned into this weird elastic glue-like residue! It took me a while before I could even find where to peel off the mask because it stuck on like super glue! AND please don't do like how I did! I should've peeled the mask from the bottom up but for some reason I did it from the top first and regretted it immensely lol.

After a tough 10-15 minutes or so I finally peeled off the mask..and OMG was it PAINFUL! I could literally feel every single nerve ending tingling as the mask peeled up every single inch of whatever it could pick up on my face lol..Besides whiteheads it also managed to pick up all my baby hairs as well haha!! 

Anyway joking aside, this mask is pretty spectacular..it was painful yes but the strength it had to pull out all that gunk on my skin really left me quite impressed. My skin did feel quite tingly but surprisingly it left my skin semi moisturized. (*TIP* Make sure to use a steam towel on you face for a few minutes prior to applying the mask first to help open up the pores!) However I don't recommend it for people with sensitive or acne prone skin because this product is quite intense on fragile skin! I think once a month use or once every now and then is good enough for me! I don't see myself using it again any time soon though lol. 


Pain Level: 10/10 (lol)
Effectiveness: 8/10
Price Range: 8/10
Hit/Miss: HIT!

BUY Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask HERE


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! And today I will be reviewing Elizavecca's EGF Elastic Retinol Cream that was kindly sent to me by the company. Nowadays, I am particularly interested in anti-aging skincare so receiving this was especially exciting for me!^^

First off, for those of your who are not familiar with the benefits of Retinol should know that this is an anti aging skincare ESSENTIAL! Retinol is basically Vitamin A which is an essential ingredient to preventing and transforming premature aging and visible signs of wrinkles. Due to the chaos of everyday life our skin has to go through day after day, Retinol has been proven to help improve uneven skin tone, smooth and refine the skin's surface as well as reduce pores! Since the cream includes this anti aging ingredient, the product therefore sounds super promising to me!
The product itself comes in this pretty yellow/orange packaging with the renowned piggy on the label (super cute!) and the cream is very thick and "elastic like" (due to the EGF & Gold Nest Extracts also included in the cream) EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor aids in the stimulation of new cell production and brings back collagen production to your skin- making it firmer and youthful looking.

Another key ingredient included in the cream is the "Gold Nest Extract" which promotes anti aging by activating stem cells and cell rejuvenation to your skin. The consistency of the cream itself once applied to the skin is slightly sticky and requires a bit of patting into the skin for it to be totally absorbed. But once absorbed, you can feel your skin "firming" up quite fast! My skin felt very plump and refreshed even after trying it out the first time. As for the smell, it smells like most other creams very flowery and slightly strong for a face cream.

This cream is recommended for night use only since it contains Retinol (Retinol breaks down in the presence of sunlight). However, you can use it during the day too if you wish..just make sure to put on sunscreen and wear a hate when you go out!! Try to avoid direct sunlight :) I will be doing a follow up blog post on how well this cream worked for me after a month or so.. So please be sure to check right back here! But for the value and price.. I think this cream worth a try! 👍🏻 For a more comprehensive and detailed review please don't forget to check out my full video review on this amazing product :)


Effectiveness: 8/10
Packaging: 9/10
Price: 10/10


Sunday, March 26, 2017


Good morning guys! Today's review will be on LANEIGE's newest range of their SILK INTENSE LIPSTICKS! However in this review I will be focusing only on their customization ability of their lippies (which is part of their new feature in this new and improved collection!) I really like a lot of the shades they have but because of the hefty price tag, I decided to stick to the one main color "Get it Red" #335 and see how it changes colors using the two mixer colors #ExoticYellow and #FantasyForest. This feature of the collection intrigued me the most, so I really wanted to see how well I was able to customized my own colors from having just this one red :)

The texture of the red is super creamy and soft and it glided so well over my lips. I am not a pro at lipstick application or anything but I found that this formula really helped with the clean and sharp finish to the application! The new formula has a build-able intensity and coverage and has a nice light weight creme texture to the lips. These shades also contain ultra micronized pigments so they go on more evenly and be built for opaque coverage or worn sheer without looking patchy. 
There are over 30+ shades to choose from (W27,000/ $24 each)..and to be honest despite the price it really does seem worth it! I am thinking of even going back to add to my collection! Quality lipsticks are hard to find. 
So here I've gone ahead and tested out the color mixes on the back of my hand first, starting off with the Red + the "Tone Up" color #ExoticYellow..and as you can see the color changed to this really pretty coral shade. The "Tone Down" color #ForestFantasy turned the same red to a Mauvish purple..which is also really nice! 

This little experiment really left me very impressed..I am really satisfied with the color pigmentation and coverage of these lipticks and will definitely be going out to get more while I am still in Korea. Despite the pricetag..I think it was worth every cent! 


COLOR: 10/10
PRICE: 8/10


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NEW! ETUDE HOUSE 에뛰드하우스 Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk Swatches

Hi Everyone!^^

 So today I am going to do a quick swatch on ETUDE HOUSE's latest lipsticks- Dear My Glass Tinting Lips- Talk..and I'm not going to lie..one huge reason for to even purchase these new lippies is because of these AMAZINGLY CUTE CASES! (They really know how to make me broke over and over again- effective marketing for cute package suckers like me!) anyway besides that the colors themselves from this collection was super fresh and Spring/ Summer appropriate. All of the colors have a sheer/glass like finish (hence the name of the collection) which lends out to it being very wearable and appropriate for everyday makeup and day time wear. The colors I picked ranges from soft coral pink to muted beige..and with the most vibrant being the orange/red color.

I chose in total 5 colors along with these cute cases! (it took me so long to come with these five because they were all so cute !!) And the colors I got were:
→ BE101
→ OR203
→ PK003
→ PK007
→ RD302

The wear on these lippies were pretty good since they were also tints..so it stayed on pretty much all day (just be careful of it smearing a little bit when you first apply..) besides that I am very happy with them! The colors were soft and pretty...perfect for the warmer season.. ^_^ I am a happy bunny!


COLOR: 8/10
WEAR: 8/10


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon REVIEW + Anti Aging Skinca...

Hi guys!
So today I finally have a bit of time to do a quick review for you on the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, and this product as I am sure most of you have already heard about is the HOLY GRAIL of all skin exfoliators out there since 2016!!

 So much rave and great reviews have been made on this product which is why I decided to try for myself if it is indeed for real or just super hyped up.

So according to its claims, this little jar of wonder gives instant brightness and visible clearer/smoother skin from even the first use. It is packed with anti-oxidants (from the lemon) and promises to help diminish dark spots and signs of premature aging. It also contains Lactic Acid which helps to remove debris and any impurities from your pores.

The one thing I noticed straight away was the strong lemon scent as soon as I opened the jar (very refreshing!) really reminded me of mojitos lol...and each pad was saturated with the essence in the tub..it was literally drenched! Now each of these pads comes with two different textured sides, one side is the first step which is the yellow slightly textured side, giving your the exfoliating treatment as you clean your face. The second side is the quilted cotton side, and you use this side to wipe off any leftover dead skin on your face from the first step.

The first step for me was so satisfying, the pad was not too abrasive or harsh on my skin and I could feel that my skin was getting properly exfoliated as I worked my way around my face. The second step felt even nicer! The soft quilted side felt very soothing against my skin after the first step and my skin felt instantly refreshed after I washed off the essence.

The skin felt more hydrated and smooth and I was really surprised by also how bright it appeared after using it just the one time! I was definitely very impressed. I particularly love the fact that the pads were gently enough on the skin for it be used everyday, and although I don't think I will be using it more than twice a week I definitely don't see why you cannot use it everyday and make it as part of your daily skincare routine. This product is by far my favorite so far that I have tried and I definitely think I want to try the Green Tea & the Wine ones next!

MY VERDICT : 10/10 !! 

WHERE TO BUY: Amazon $17. 32


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Elizavecca Black Head 3 Step Solution & Kangsipack 24k Mask Review⎜SUPER...

Hey guys! So today I have a pretty late review post on two Elizavecca hit products from 2016 (Hopefully it's not wayyy too late!)

I just have time to review them all for you now so I decided to jump right into it and do two at once!

So I am pretty sure you all have seen numerous reviews on this 3 step nose strip for the majority of 2016 already, made even more popular by the sudden wave of interest in black head removal DIY's and video reviews. This 3 step nose strips promises to effectively remove blackheads and white heads, to which I am more than obliged to follow because during the time of this review I have the most ANNOYING white head lodged on the tip of my nose..and seriously it won't budge! Yuck!

So let's jump right into it!

STEP 1: The first strip is a cotton pad saturated with some kind of watery essence. This step is meant to help open up and clear out your pores. (10 -15 minutes) However I left mine on for a little longer (20 minutes) 
The results after the first step left the skin on and around my nose feeling pretty soft, so at this point I was optimistic of my little friend being pulled out. 

STEP 2: This second step is meant to help absorb the blackhead. The strip looks a little bit like a sticker, I had to peel off the plastic backing before placing it onto my nose. But as you can see from the photo, I had some trouble trying to put it on properly it didn't stick right around the crease of my nose as it should have done. My nose was pretty damp at this point from the first step so I am not sure if it needs more dampening before the second step. Anyway, at this point I decided to leave it on for another 20 minutes being peeling it off. 

After the 20 minutes was up, as you can see the bridge of my nose cleared up pretty nicely, however the sides (where the nose strip didn't stick on right) still left a few white heads here and there. My little friend on the tip of my nose, unfortunately was STILL there so I was a little disappointed :( 

STEP 3: This last step is meant to tighten the pores back up by use of cellulose mask. Now this step was really nice and soothing and it did leave my nose feeling very soft and supple!

My Verdict: 5/10

Since it did not pull out my little friend I can only give this mask a 5 unfortunately. I was a little disappointed because of all the "raves" this product had prior to my trying it out. I did receive a little tip off from a viewer that it may be because my nose was too dry or that my skin was not damp enough prior the second step. I will have to give it another go to see if this is indeed the case! Besides that, the last step did leave my nose feeling soft!


Alright guys let's move onto the SECOND PRODUCT! Another popular product from Elizavecca and this is the Kangsipack 24k Gold Mask! (Whooop!) To be honest I was super excited to try this one out because...well come on it's GOLD!! :P Now this product to do the following main things to your skin after even the first use:

1. Nourish & moisturize the skin
2. Brighten up & Make your skin GLOW for daysss
First up let me tell you all the cool properties of how gold can benefit your skin health in general:

1. Reduce signs of fine lines
2. Slows down the aging process
3. Boosts Elasticity
4. Puts moisture back into your skin
5. Slows down the depletion of collagen process

So hell yeh I jumped on it! This mask like most masks requires 15- 20 minutes of your time while it works its gold magic on your skin. 

The consistency of the mask was pretty bouncy and easy to apply, and as you can see within minutes after smearing the mask all over my face it started turning white around the edges before turning completely white & slightly chalky by the 10th minute.

After washing off the mask after the 20 minutes mark, my skin felt super duper soft. I was really surprised! The mask melted off my face as soon as it came in contact with water, turning it back to the yellow gold color. My skin did look and feel brighter so I can honestly say I was a lot happier with this mask than the first one I tried! However, make sure to moisturize straight away because after a while my skin felt a little dry.

My Verdict: 8/10 

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