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KOREA DIARY Ep.12: STYLENANDA PINK HOTEL VLOG Myeongdong Flagship Store ...

Hi guys! How are you all doing today? :)
So as promised I will be blogging on my experience of the new Stylenanda Pink Hotel (and if you like the color pink this is a MUST VISIT for you when you come to Seoul! lol) Of course it is not technically a hotel but it is a hotel themed flagship store..Very cute and extremely aesthetically pleasing as you will see when you watch my full VLOG tour of the place! This flagship store is located in the heart of Myeongdong, aka the haven for all K-beauty lovers and fanatics! It is on the blue line (Subway line 4) exit 6 and very easy to find. 
There are altogether 6 floors including the rooftop, each with its own theme as you walk up the store. Two floors are dedicated to 3CE cosmetics and the other two dedicated to their STYLENANDA clothing brand. 
 As soon as you walk into the store you will be greeted with a huge hovering bed over your head with the words "No Thinking" written in neon lights. To the right you will find an array of "hotel keys" dangling from the walls in the lobby leading up to the main shopping area of the store. 
During the time of writing this blog 3CE Love Velvet Lipsticks just recently launched, which I just swatched and reviewed HERE. I really loved this collection for its cute pastel packaging and high quality texture of the colors. You can also read my full blog post on these velvet lipsticks HERE for a more detailed review! :)
On the second floor, the theme is "Spa room" or bathroom. The whole place was decorated with chic marble tiles and gold sinks with a bathtub full of pink lilies and carnations as the main highlight of this floor. 
It was at this floor that I did most damage to my wallet of course lol. This floor was probably the busiest too out of the 6. 
Next floor up is the third floor, and this floor was themed as the "Hotel Rooms" of the store and this is where you can purchase all the Stylenanda apparel and accessories from. The layout was very chic and brightly lit with a great display for both clothes and accessory pieces, so for fashionistas out there this floor is definitely your stop! 
Up one more floor and you have the "Laundry Room" which is on the 4th floor. This is also another Stylenanda Apparel floor and it is themed as a chic Laundromat! How adorable are those barrels of clothes on the walls? Super unique and aesthetically pleasing! 
On the 5th floor, the theme is "Pool" and another STYLENANDA clothing floor, this time you can shop all your summer necessities from here! They have a bunch of cute bikinis and accessory pieces but I for one am in no shape for bikinis right now :( This floor also houses the store's cafe area where you can buy drinks and snacks before going up to the rooftop area which is on the 6th floor.

So what do you guys think? Would you want to visit this store? I personally loved my experience here and have been coming back here twice already just to browse through for more goodies! I think if you are a big fan of Stylenanda and 3CE in general this is definitely worth checking out! Drop me a comment down below and tell me what you think of the place! See you guys in the next post ^^ x


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

LOVE 3CE Collection REVIEW│LOVE 3CE 벨벳립스틱

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! 

So today I want to share with you some 3CE goodies I got from Stylenanda Pink Hotel (Myeongdong) and in particular their new LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipstick that they just launched not so long ago. I actually have a Vlog from the day as well so if you would like a tour around the store please click right HERE to my travel section of the blog. But for now let's get started on the swatches & review on the LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipsticks!

So this collection comprises of eyeshadow duos, cheek colors and of course LIPSTICKS! And it was the latter that I went straight to as soon as I entered the store.  There are altogether 12 available lip colors to this collection, 6 of which have sheer/glossy finish and the other 6 have a nice velvety matte finish (more matte than velvety for me)
I decided to go for the velvet lipsticks instead of the sheer glossy ones since I personally prefer matte finishes, and out of the 6 I selected only 5 (the only color I did not get was #Laugh)

So let's take a look at the first color I got!
1. #YOUTH This color is a bright red with a nice smooth orange undertone to it. Since it is a lighter red, it is totally appropriate for day time wear. Absolutely love this color!
2. #SUGARCANE This is the only "neutral" nudish color I have from this collection!( The rest are all red tones) This one is probably the one I would find myself gravitate to for everyday makeup look! It is a nudish peach coral color which is perfect for the summer.
3. #GIRLSGIRLS is another vibrant red color with a slight deeper tone than #Youth. It is a true red color & very pigmented!
4.  #TAILORED Yet another red! This one is even deeper and vampier than the previous two (slightly burgundy) it is a nice & rich deeper red, if you prefer your reds a tad bit darker.
5.#FETCHING - And finally onto the last red on this list! This one is another gorgeous red tone but with more of a fuchsia undertone. Another super pretty color!
So what do you guys think of these "Red tones" velvet lipsticks from the new LOVE 3CE collection? To be honest I don't mind since I LOVE red lipsticks anyway..and these all have different undertones to them which I like. The application itself was quite dry to be honest but then having said that I have very dry lips so make sure to exfoliate and moisturise well before applying on any matte lippies! (So to avoid yucky flaky lips) Overall I am happy with my batch and I am even thinking of getting the one last color I didn't get which was #LAUGH. I chose not to get it at first because of the light peach color which I though was going to be way too light on me. Here is a closer look on how the colors swatch next to each other so that you can see a better comparison.

Anyhow hope you guys enjoyed this quick review! For a more in depth review please don't forget to check out the full review video on my channel!

COLOR: 10/10
PRICE: 7/10

Get the LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipsticks HERE


Saturday, June 10, 2017

NEW! ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel Lip Tint SWATCHES & Review 에뛰드하우스 아이...

Hi guys! Today I come to you with another adorable collection from ETUDE HOUSE!
If you are a big fan of cute packaging then you will definitely love this! Etude House has recently launched their Spring/Summer lip tint collection for 2017 and oh my goodness are they CUTE. This time they came out with 6 brand new colors for their water gel tints..unfortunately I can only show you 5 in this blog for now since the 6th color was ALWAYS out of stock at my local Etude Shop :( However I am still going to try my best to get my hands on it once it comes back in stock and swatch it for you guys real quick on my Facebook & Instagram so make sure you are following me to see the 6th color! (PK 006)

The colors I will be reviewing for you guys today are:
→ PK 005
→ OR 205
→ RD 307
→ RD 306
→ PK 004

There are officially 6 colors in total to this collection ranging from reds to pinks and orange. You cannot NOT fall in love with the cute (and very clever!) popsicle packaging Etude House came up with this time! It was very difficult for me to just walk on by without admiring their cuteness lol

PK 005 Cute Salmon Pink with a slight peach undertone. This color would look great for everyday day time wear! Great for work or school. 

OR205 is a pretty coral color with a slight hint of beige undertone. In my opinion it looks a lot better (on me) as a full lip. Beautiful warm/beige coral color for summer!
RD 307 is a sweet crimson red color. From the packaging it appears to be a true sexy red but once swatched it is actually a very pretty and feminine shade! This is a perfect red to wear for a daytime look because it doesn't look too overpowering. 
RD 306 is a slightly deeper red than RD 307. It has a deep burgundy undertone but not too vampy, the sheerness of the formula gives it a nice "sexier" vibe compared to the previous colors. 
PK004 is a deep muted pink rose color with a slight purple undertone to it. It has a cooler tone compared to the other pinks in this collection. 
The color payoff in general for this collection is quite good and since they are water gel lip tints, the finish is very sheer and light on the lips! These are perfect for those who loves to do gradient lip and the sheer glossy finish gives off a nice youthful cute look to the makeup. The wear is average to okay and it does smear quite easily. Taking off demands quite a bit of rubbing since it is a tint and yes you do get left with the color after washing off for quite some time lol

So which of these colors do you like the most? I think they are cute and fun to have but not necessarily the best tints I have tried...but the packaging I guess just makes me want to keep them on my vanity lol..they're just too stinking cute.  

Packaging: 10/10
Wear: 7/10
Application: 8/10
Color: 6/10 

Where to buy? Amazon is probably the best/cheapest if you are in the U.S.! You can get them HERE


Saturday, June 3, 2017

UNICORN CIRCLE LENSES?! Color Scandal Lenses Review│KoreanCircle Lens HAUL

Good Sunday morning everyone!

Today I want to brighten up your weekend that little bit more on my review on these magical UNICORN circle heard it right! These beautiful creations have been circling the K-beauty trend for the last month or so..and frankly it is not that hard to see why it has been such a big hit amongst circle lens fanatics like me..they are bloody gorgeous!

The lenses that I will be reviewing for you guys today are these unicorn/galaxy inspired ones from a Korean brand called "Color Scandal" To be honest with you I actually had my eyes on another brand, "Lunar Prism" where I first learned about the existence of these unicorn lenses. However, luck was not on my side that day and I was not able to find them at my local Lens Me shop (a popular circle lens chain in Korea). The lady at the shop introduced me instead to these alternatives and man I am so happy I got these instead! They were so pretty and cute and fun..I could seriously get lost staring at their beautifully blended shades of pastels and flecks of violets on these contact lenses all day!

So before I begin my review, I want to quickly go over the basic information on these lenses. These are the silicone hydrogel lenses with Base Curve of 8.6  & 14.0 mm Diameter with 3 months life span. I got altogether 4 colors from Lens Me: #9, #12, #19 & #24.
This first one is the #19 with a maroon packaging. The colors on this one is a beautiful soft blend of maroon/ violet/ peach with flecks of brown and light blue thrown in there! Absolutely gorgeous and made my eyes look so anime! lol
The second one is the #9 and this one is a beautiful sky blue with a lighter blue blended on the iris and a subtle violet ring around the pupil. To be honest with you I thought this color would be the most "unnatural" looking one out of the four since the blue was so blue..but as it turns really did not look too bad at all! 
Despite its rather "loud" color, I am still surprised by how "wearable" it still is. This color will be great for dress up parties or even halloween, it doesn't look too faked out but at the same time it doesn't look too crazy. Really love them!
The next color I got is the #12 and this one is definitely the most wearable one for me out the four that I picked! I personally prefer grey circle lenses are it is but these were not like any other I have tried wearing before! Just look at all those colors! 
I really did not think they would like that natural on me but I was really quite surprised when I had them on! I think the brown band around the main iris really helps make the lenses look more natural on the wearer. My favorite so far!

And the last final pair for today is the #24 and I guess this pair for me was definitely the most "unicorn" one out of the four lol..It made my eyes look like gem stones or crystals! Very beautiful blend of violet/pink/ blue..pretty much all the colors of the rainbow haha.. 
So there you have it! My review on these beautiful Unicorn they live up to their given name? Would you guys try them? Let me know! Hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you are interested in any of these circle lenses check out my online circle lens shop! (Yes that's right I have my own online contact lens store because I am too much of a circle lens freak lol) See you all in the next post x

Love to get a pair for yourself? Check out my circle lens SHOP
(All lenses are made in KOREA)

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