Saturday, July 8, 2017

COSRX Acne Master Patch Review! Is it worth all the HYPE?

Good Sunday Morning my lovelies!
Since mid of last year I've been hearing and reading up on so much rave on the COSRX Acne Master Patches for the longest time..& so I decided to finally put my curiosity to rest and see what all the fuss was all about once and for all. And I am glad I did.

What you get in ONE Pack
You get in total 24 patches altogether (Variety mix of small/medium/large patches) to suit your acne/pimple sizes during treatment. I personally use the medium/large size ones more because when I get zits..they are humongous! T_T..It's kinda gross!

So the day came when I got my most dreaded signs of pimple breakout under my mouth/chin area..god knows why I always manage to get them there but like clockwork..there it pops again! But this time I wasn't as irritated because I now have in my possession the miracle worker of all acne/pimple banishers- this renowned COSRX pimple patches ;)

For those who are still a little new to the concept of "Pimple Stickers" these are thin clear hydrocolloid sticker like patches that pretty much acts as a shield  to the infected area, making sure nothing comes in or gets out while your zit gets the treatment it needs to disappear. It eliminates bacteria and infection by absorbing all the gunk and goop out of your pimples (yes..that would be the white dot you see left on the patch!) but seriously this is the reason why these little gems are so affective! These patches pretty much helps to speed up your acne/pimple recovery time OVERNIGHT..and I mean...OVERNIGHT! I was soo amazed by how fast it worked for me! Don't believe me? Watch my full video for yourself! I filmed all this within the space of 8-9 hours..It didn't even take me a full half day for my zitty friend to disappear :) 

 So in conclusion do I recommend these? HELL YES! For the price point AND effectiveness (They're ONLY $3- 5 each!)...these patches are little miracle workers that I did not expect to work so well! You can effectively and hygienically remove your acne/pimples overnight and the best thing is that they also don't leave your skin all dried up either!

Interested to testing them out? Get yours HERE on Amazon or HERE on STYLEKOREAN :) 

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Matte Tinting Lips- Talk Swatches

Hi guys! ^_^

Today I come with another exciting new swatches from ETUDE HOUSE's latest matte lip colors from their "Dear My Matte Tinting Lips-Talk" Line..They came out with their "Dear My Glass Tinting Lip-Talk" previously which I also did a full review on here ..and to be honest with you guys, I prefer these new colors SO MUCH more! (Maybe because I am also more of a "matte" girl too!) The color and texture of these lipsticks are super creamy and glided on like a dream..the colors were also rich and pigmented, I was really satisfied with the quality of their formula this time! Their previous "Glass Tinting Lip" colors were more sheer and not as impressive but the colors from this collection this time were just so great this time round I was really very satisfied :)

There were altogether 10 new colors this time round (and yes..I couldn't help it..I got all 10..) The case selections were the same as the ones for the previous Glass Lip-Talk collection so I managed to stock up on the patterns I did not get earlier :P They were just too cute and irresistible!


→ #RD 301 - Red berry red with a slight fuchsia undertone

→ #RD 302 - Bright red with a peachy/coral tinge

→ #RD 303 - True red with an orange undertone

→ #OR 201 - Soft bright orange (almost bright pastel!)

→ #PK 001 - Sweet milky peachy pink color

→ #PK 002 - Slightly darker version of PK 001 with more "nudish" tone to it

→ #PK 003 - Muted rose color with a tinge of beige

→ #BE 101 - Similar to PK 003 but with more nude thrown in!

→ #BR 401 - Deep Pinky Beige

→ #PP 501 - Bright deep fuchsia purple/pink

Texture/Quality: 10/10 !!
Longevity/Wear : 8/10
(be careful it does smear)
Price Range: 8/10
Color Payoff: 9/10

GET IT! It is definitely worth the price for the quality you receive! Super creamy and beautiful color..I am sure you guys will love it :) 

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