Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Angel Dust' PEARYPIE Inspired Makeup Tutorial || TAYA SUNAZ (+playlist)

Hi guys...So today I want to mention about one up and coming makeup artist I have been admiring..and I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of her before especially if you are Thai..she goes but the name of Amata Chittasenee or 'Pearypie'. Besides the fact that she is the first Thai makeup artist I truly look up to for creativity and inspiration, she is also extremely talented and grounded when it comes to sharing her tips and makeup techniques to her viewers. Her style is very unconventional and she makes some of the looks so achievable by the simple steps shown in her videos...and so I decided to recreate one of her amazing work, 'Angel Dust' from two years ago

 I seriously had so much fun recreating it! is probably one of the most arty looks I have recreated so far, and the turn out could not have been better! She truly inspires me to become better at my craft, and that is the goal I hope to achieve.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

이채린 2NE1 CL AON "Come Back Home" MV Tutorial Ft. ItsJudyTime Palette

I know...I'm sorry but I can't seem to stop spouting out these 2NE1 inspired looks for U all!! cuz it would be crazy NOT TO!!! espesh with two of their new MV's out!!....this is an inspired look for CL from their latest 'Come Back Home' MV, and yes U can definitely expect more to come from me :P ...#BLACKJACKS


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ipsy FEBRUARY Glam Bag!

February Ipsy Bag

The 'Look of Love' <3
Hi ladies! so this month's Ipsy Glam Bag posting is a wee bit late, since I just got my bag right now >_< I am sorry I don't think I'll be posting an unboxing vid for Feb -_- ! However I will share the goodies with you guys right here on my blog ^^! Eventhough it arrived a tad late, but nevertheless the stuff I got was so sweet and pink! lol literally..almost everything I received was either pink or light pink or it was very appropriate for the month of love I guess^^ here it is my beauty products of this month's Ipsy Glam Bag...

This was the card which came with the bag, and this month's theme which was 'The Look of Love', very cute and appropriate for February.
Next, was the Pop Beauty 'Fuchsia Feesia' lipgloss, which is a bright and loud pink gloss. I don't really go for this shade, however I don't mind having it as part of my collection. It is high shine and lightweight, and the good thing about it for me personally anyway is that it is unscented and non sticky (I hate sticky lip glosses!).

The first product from my bag of goodies, was the ZOYA Nail Polish in the colour 'Dot', a very cute and girly pastel/baby pink Opaque finish nail polish. I guess this will be a great colour for the coming spring so I am very happy to receive it ^^. The colour is very rich and creamy and has a beautiful gloss finish. I believe this was from their Spring 2014 collection, very pretty and girly and I absolutely loved it!
I also got a pretty metallic lavender eyeshadow tint from 'Tini Beauty' in the colour 'Violette'. The texture was quite watery in my opinion and the colour was very faded when I swatched it, it was not as rich as I would have liked it to be, might be nice used as a 'gloss over' on an existing shadow but other than that I am still not sure if I like this product. Plus it smelt a little funky lol... (chemical smell...bleh...>.< ). Ipsy also included a Mud Mask Trial pack by Skyn Iceland, which I am yet to try. I personally love masking my face, and really try to do it at least once a week or once every two weeks if I can. There are two steps to the mud mask, the first is the 'Blue Clay' and the second one is the 'Activating Gel'. It is a two phase detoxing and brightening mask is an anti aging, dullness-diminishing super product. The mask offers a refreshing, cooling sensation and when its blended together with the activating gel, it effervesces into a warming sensation that oxygenates, clarifies and smoothes the complexion in minutes.
Last but not least, I got a pair of pretty natural looking lashes from JCat Beauty in EL13. I actually tried them on and loved them..they looked natural and not too over the yep this pretty much sums up all my goodies from Ipsy this month! Hopefully next month I will be able to actually film and show you guys the products in the video!..Anyway, until next time ladies! Nite nite! x MUAH x

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