Thursday, January 30, 2014

Favourite Lip Colours from 2013

Since this 'New' Year is already fast approaching the second month, I've decided that before it is officially February I should really get this blog out or else it will become a tad bit too late to discuss my favourite lip colours of 2013... And so here it is! I have tried a lot of lip products in the past year on my lips..and although I must admit I am not the biggest fan of applying lipstick as such (due to the fact that I have the most stubborn and driest lips EVER) anything applied on it just looks horribly chapped (even after applying Chapstick and exfoliating my lips..yes I have tried everything) and I tend to end up eating half of it by the end of the day any but...having said that the following products I am about to show you guys now are what I would call my lip saviours, and they totally proved my little stubborn ass lips wrong. I was surprised that I also had the chance to rock wicked colours without having to worry about my lips looking like glossed over sandpaper.

You see, I have naturally dry skin and my lips are especially prone to dryness, therefore I am always on a lookout for good quality moisturizing lipsticks, stains, and glosses..I find that I tend to reach out for Lip Balm Stains more as they are of course a wickedly brilliant cross between lipsticks and lip balms, and so when I found the REVLON Lip Balm Stains I was over the moon..they were serious life savers to me. I guess I also love glosses however I do try to steer clear from any sticky and overly shiny glosses. Since I have crazy amounts of thick unruly long hair..that seems to love flying around at their own will..the chances of it flying and getting a stuck on my lips every time I have some gloss on is exceedingly high.  I swear they have a life of their own, my okay she's got gloss on let's just fly into her mouth and get stuck there.

Nevertheless let me introduce you to these lip products that I have sworn by last year. Hopefully any of you who have dry lips like I do will find this useful!

D'Lilac, Retrofuschia, Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuschia


Friday, January 24, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My first ever Ipsy bag is finally here! yay!

Soo..the much awaited day has finally arrived! I finally got my first Ipsy Glam bag that I signed up for about 2 months ago!! I am so stoked right now! Finally I can get to experience some new products of brands and items that I've never tried before without having to bust out my savings too much! :) And of course I had to jump right in and rip open the package (that came in a beautiful metallic shiny pink envelope btw), and yep  these are the goodies I received from Ipsy for this month's Glam bag.

The 'theme' for this month I guess is '19 things reasons 2014 will be AMAZING'

1. Apothederm (Bright Skin Serum)
2. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri- Wheat Leave in Conditioner
3. Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil
4. Absolute! Make up Cleansing Tissues (Pomegranate Extract)
5. MICA Beauty Cosmetics Lip Balm (#5 Natural)


Victoria Secret Curls || Rusk Engineering Curl Freak Demo & Review (+pla...


Crazy Cool Hair tool!!! 'Curl Freak' by Rusk Engineering :)

Hey guys! I am back with another wicked find! Well..okay I actually got it for my christmas present but I've known about it for awhile!! It is the Rusk Engineering 'Curl Freak' Curler, and man is it rocking my world (hair world) that is...I absolutely am in love with this amazing gadget, it was so much easier to use than I thought and more importantly it left my hair in curls that VS girls can be envious of :P

There three settings on the side of the curler that you can adjust according to your styling preference, this includes, the curling direction, L, R & can choose whether you want to curl your hair to left...(towards your face) to the right (away from your face) or both! (alternating between left and right) this little funky machine can do it all. It comes with 3 temp. settings too. 1, 2 & 3. I tend to use the highest heat, since I have very thick hair and A LOT of it might I add, so high heat was the only way to go for me. There is also 4 timer settings on the side of the curler, 0,8,10,12....0 being a custom able time that you can determine for yourself how long you want your hair in the barrel for..however, I don't really recommend steering away from using the initial given timer settings, since this tool can get up to 230 degrees! and don't want to keep your hair in that type of heat for too long ;)

For tighter curls, I recommend that you use smaller segmented chunks of hair when you curl, and keep it in their for 12 secs, heat setting is up to your hair type. If you have thin hair keep it at low heat, but if you have thick hair like I do, you would want it at high. For loose Victoria Secret-esque hair, you'd want to feed in thicker segments of your hair into the barrel, and at medium heat for thick hair...and low heat for thin hair.

I am absolutely impressed by the outcome of the curls, and what I like to do after each curling session is to nourish my hair with a leave in conditioner or hair serum.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Girl's Day Yura 'Something' Inspired Makeup 썸씽


I am KPOP inspired..!!

So like any other typical warm blooded asian that I am, I am into anything that is cute...tiny.. or associated with hello kitty..and yes that includes KPOP! Not suggesting that KPOP has anything to do with hello kitty but the one thing they do have in common is that they are Oh so cute & stylish.. I found my love for KPOP a couple of years back, and living in Bangkok for the past 8 years kinda fueled my interest and love for it even more! To me it is more than just a music genre it is one hell of a culture, and I am really loving everything from the artists' and of course the songs themselves (after translations of course).. I am in awe of how cute and absolutely beautiful their MV's and onscreen makeup are..and of course it left to very little persuading for me to try recreate some of their looks :)

I have decided to recreate one of my new found KPOP Girl Group Favourites 'Girl's Day', it came as a random and rather pleasant surprise actually. I stumbled on their latest MV  'Sometimes', and man was I hooked! I was not only drawn in by the song itself but also their makeup in the MV was very soft & feminine yet fiercely sexy at the same time...I guess one of KPOP's strong points is their ability to portray a soft innocent sexiness in all their looks. 

I chose to recreate one of the Girl's Day member's looks, 'Yura'. I absolutely loved the beautiful bold lips paired with soft eyes in this look, it really gives her this fierce sense of sexiness and innocence at the same time.

This is my recreation of the look :) I pretty much stuck to the neutrals of my NAKED 3 palette to achieve the eye look & played around with the ombre effect on the lips ^^


Sunday, January 12, 2014

I love me some PIN UP!

This makeup look has been long least on my part anyway! I have been wanting to recreate the pinup look since last year, however for the many unknown reasons I never got round to it!! woohoo!...So here it is...My version of a Pin Up girl from the fabulous 1940's-50's using my favourite Nude Tude Palette, I am actually surprised by how good the outcome was..and how little product I actually used to create this look, very simple yet sexy! Absolutely LOVED the 50's era of makeup!..Asian Pin your heart out...LOL! Tutorial already edited & will be up asap ;).. Have a beautiful day ladies x


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My resolutions 2014: INNER BEAUTY = HAPPINESS from within!

A warm welcome back to my blog for the beginning of a very beautiful new year! It's already a week into 2014, and some changes has already occurred in my life :) good ones..don't worry..hehe..
And as most people would at the beginning of each new year I thought of starting to write up my New Year's Resolutions of all the wonderful things I hope to be achieving in the coming months...However, due to the very fact that every year has been more or less the same for me, whereby I start off with a fabulous long list of all things I want to achieve, I always end up trailing off my positive ambitions mid month of every January each year! and I am sure I am not the only one either...(right??).. I remembered the longest I was able to keep up with my resolutions was until February, so I decided that instead of focusing all of this positive energy on writing out a list of new/old resolutions over and over again each year, I wanted to focus all this positive energy on something inner happiness...or inner BEAUTY.

For most people, I am sure that this may sound kind of familiar, yet kind of alien at the same time, but a conceptual understanding of this inner beauty I guess varies from person to person. For myself, I think that your inner beauty derives from your inner sense of happiness which in turn comes from your ultimate sense of satisfaction and self acceptance. Your inner beauty can glow from inside out and that in turn will help fuel your outer beauty we all know so well! So it is to my INNER BEAUTY that I am toasting my 2014 resolutions to this year! Because frankly I want to be able to instill & cultivate this value in me forever not just because of it being yet another new year :)

I will be posting another video purely relating to this topic of inner beauty, and my concept and 4 personal tips on what I think can help me to achieve my own inner beauty.

1. Love yourself more than others (Don't be taken for granted)
2. Surround yourself with positive people & positive energy
3. Learn from your mistakes/ Let go of the past & Learn how to forgive
4. Think outside the box (Open new opportunities for yourself!)

so be sure to check out my video if you would like to hear what I have to say about it!


Happy New Year once again! See you all in the next post ;)

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