Thursday, January 30, 2014

Favourite Lip Colours from 2013

Since this 'New' Year is already fast approaching the second month, I've decided that before it is officially February I should really get this blog out or else it will become a tad bit too late to discuss my favourite lip colours of 2013... And so here it is! I have tried a lot of lip products in the past year on my lips..and although I must admit I am not the biggest fan of applying lipstick as such (due to the fact that I have the most stubborn and driest lips EVER) anything applied on it just looks horribly chapped (even after applying Chapstick and exfoliating my lips..yes I have tried everything) and I tend to end up eating half of it by the end of the day any but...having said that the following products I am about to show you guys now are what I would call my lip saviours, and they totally proved my little stubborn ass lips wrong. I was surprised that I also had the chance to rock wicked colours without having to worry about my lips looking like glossed over sandpaper.

You see, I have naturally dry skin and my lips are especially prone to dryness, therefore I am always on a lookout for good quality moisturizing lipsticks, stains, and glosses..I find that I tend to reach out for Lip Balm Stains more as they are of course a wickedly brilliant cross between lipsticks and lip balms, and so when I found the REVLON Lip Balm Stains I was over the moon..they were serious life savers to me. I guess I also love glosses however I do try to steer clear from any sticky and overly shiny glosses. Since I have crazy amounts of thick unruly long hair..that seems to love flying around at their own will..the chances of it flying and getting a stuck on my lips every time I have some gloss on is exceedingly high.  I swear they have a life of their own, my okay she's got gloss on let's just fly into her mouth and get stuck there.

Nevertheless let me introduce you to these lip products that I have sworn by last year. Hopefully any of you who have dry lips like I do will find this useful!

D'Lilac, Retrofuschia, Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuschia

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