Thursday, November 27, 2014

Benton 'Snail Bee' High Content Essence REVIEW

FINALLY I get to write this review for you sorry it has taken me this long but real life matters really reined in on me during these past couple of weeks!...

So a month or so ago, I received the cutest package that came in for review... It was from W2Beauty (Yesssssss!!!) and I was so excited since I knew it would be the much acclaimed Beneton Snail Bee Essence that was in the parcel ;)...Not only that but Alice (the beautiful and sweet owner of the website) also included 3 more samples PLUS a candy! lol.....isnt that just the greatest?...seriously's the little things that touches me sometimes :P...This site is a definite RECOMMENDATION to all the other asian skincare lovers like ME!..and in particular Korean Skincare products ^_^
Anyway I found so many raves about this skincare product flying around and after reading a few other beauty blogger's opinions on the product I decided to write my thoughts based on my own experience from having included it into my every day skin care routine since last a month! HERE WE GO!! ;)

Ingredients: Snail Secretion Filtrate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Arbutin, Human Ogliopeptide-1, Bee Venom, Plantago Asiatica Extract, Laminana Digita Extract, Dios Pyros Kaki Leaf Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Ulmus Campestris (Elm) Extract, Bacilus Ferment, Azelaic Acid, Althaea Rosea Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, Beta-Glucan, Betaine, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross Polymer, Adenosine, Panthenol, Allantoin, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Arginine

"Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence is for all types of skins including sensitive and troubled ones. Instead of water, the product uses snail secretion filtrate, bee venom and EGF to cleanse your rough and damaged skin from various stress and pollution. In addition to the skin trouble care, moisture supply and skin tone improvement functionsArbutin and Adenosine contents of the product help you whiten your skin and remove wrinkles."


The Packaging 
Comes in a very simple coke colour 60ml pump bottle with white writing & a light brown cardboard box. Very economical with no frills! ^^

The Scent
Surprisingly there was no scent whatsoever to this product! Well...maybe just the slightest scent but nothing prominent, which I actually preferred over the usual overpowering floral scents most creams have.

The Texture
Has a very aloe vera watery gel like texture that is non stick and quickly absorbs into the skin once applied.

What I think... 

So yeppp as indicated by its name 'Snail Bee'... this essence contains very little filler, including water, and since the Snail Secretion Filtrate is basically the first ingredient, this product is pretty much comprised of 90% of basically..yep....Snail Slime...!!! But wait before you go will be surprised to know how much of a skincare savior all this 'slime' really is! There are so many beauty benefits this ingredient has to offer.

More about the Slime!

'Snail Slime' is fast becoming one of the most important ingredients to be found in many of Asia's innovated skincare products and brands since it is deemed nourishing, moisturizing and has restorative qualities to help rejuvenate a younger longer lasting looking skin. Opposite to what many may believe, snail slime feels very NON slimy on your skin once applied, neither does it have that commercial factory added scent to it, therefore the smells you get is very natural and is virtually scent-free which gives it that much appreciated organic touch. The actual texture or formula of the product feels a little bit like 'thickened water' yet not thick enough to be a 'gel'. It holds a loose 'watery' form on your hands and the texture is very much like those of aloe vera gels. It penetrates and absorbs into the skin very well once applied, and it does leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed with a non sticky residue which I love.

I have used this product for well over a MONTH to make sure that I give you all a proper review on it...and the results I see is extremely pleasing. It is definitely one of those products that you have to use over a long period of time to get actual results. I have very dry skin which means that I am prone to blemishes, redness and fine lines from pimples or environmental factors, and my skin does get exceedingly dry if I do not look after it properly. This product really helps my face feel smoother and more hydrated, and I have not had any breakouts or reactions to it at all since it is deemed mostly organic..My routine includes using the essence straight after the TONER and before moisturizing twice a day, and I can tell that it has really improved in terms of elasticity and smoothness! so I can definitely say I am very pleased with the overall turnout.

Now that I have properly tested out this product, I can honestly say that it would be hard for me to substitute away from it to using something else! Not only does it feel so natural on my skin but it really does give that fast revealing results (after only 1 month) with steady improvements over time. I am so happy that Alice from W2Beauty recommended this product to me to test out, it really has enlightened me on so many levels regarding Korean Skincare! Now that I have tried this one and LOVED it...I cannot wait to try out the other Benton Products! The next one on my list would definitely be the "Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream" for sure :P

Thanks so much again to Alice from W2Beauty! Make sure to check out her website which offers so many trending Korean skincare and cosmetic products that can be shipped worldwide! My love for Korean Skincare has definitely deepened after this experience ^__^ Saranghaeyo!!!! ~


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Collab. w Cindy aka L0v3STORy13

Well...hello there you lovely human beings :P...I am back with YET another Halloween Makeup look to share with you all...really trying to dish out as many looks as I can fit into these last 2 weeks cuz halloween is just round the corner!!....Today I am also collaborating with another of my YouTube friends, Cindy from L0V3STORy13...please do go ahead and check her look out also..she is such a sweet person and a great beauty guru!..We opted for our takes on 2 separate mermaid inspired looks...mine being of course the more colourful/prettied up version and Cindy opted for the 'darker' mermaid look...Nevertheless we both hop U guys will enjoy this tutorial :D
So the main palette I will be using for this tutorial is my new favourite for this halloween season, it is ofcourse the Urban Decay Electric Palette! The colours are super pigmented and vibrant, extremely appropriate for creating crazy and creative makeup looks ^_^

1. I am going to apply some white creamy shadow all over the eyes as well as the eye brows, then grabbing a blue colour from the palette I am going to trace it along the fold of my crease before feathering out the colour along the outer V.
2. Next find an old fishnet stocking and put it over your head to stencil out the 'fish scale' effect. Use a combination of colours U want, here I chose blue, and combination of dark and light green to gradient out the effect.
  3. Apply a pink and purple shadow along the sides of your nose and feather out the intensity for a softer pastel finish. Fill out your brows with the same colour.
4. Go ahead and apply a pair of fancy lashes to enhance the whole look, before finishing off with some gemstones along the upper inner corner of your eyes.
5. Finish off the look with a gradient colour lips, here I am using my Lime Crime 'Poison Berry' in the middle of my lips before feathering out the colour using a nude tone lipstick....and VOILA!  ure look is COMPLETE! ^_^
I must say though although it did take a lot of preparation before actually sitting down to film this look for you guys, I really enjoyed myself during the process, cuz I was able to experiment and really try to break out of my usual 'wearable' makeup tutorials I am so used to filming for you this month of Halloween makeup is deff a nice little breakthrough to the wonders of other types of makeup looks! lol...^_^

The Products I used for this tutorial were:
→ L'Oreal True Match 'Ivory'
→UD Electric
→ Lime Crime 'Scorpio' Zodiac Glitter
→ Maybelline Hypergloss Liner
→ MAC 'Flesh Pot'
→ Lime Crime 'Poisonberry'

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what U all think of this tutorial! Would love and appreciate any feedbacks! See u in the next post my lovelies!..Moochies x
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Friday, October 17, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE 'Go Back' Firming Eye Cream REVIEW!!

Hi guys! so I am back with another quick review on an eye cream product I bought a couple of months back from ETUDE HOUSE..I had originally planned to re stock on my eye cream holy grail which was the ETUDE HOUSE EYE'S CREAM in Vanilla, but unfortunately they no longer have them in stock in Thailand :( which was a big bummer 'cuz I have been using that eye cream for absolute AGES, the very reason why I was quite reluctant to even try this one as recommended by the lady at my local Etude shop. Unlike the one I was used to use, this one was apparently a better performing eye cream because it was especially formulated for those looking to either prevent or reduce signs of aging and wrinkles...*Ahem...that's me!*...hence the name "GO BACK" literally reversing the time for your skin back to its youthful so it had us wishing!) Either ways I decided that since I needed an eye cream anyway, I might as well test out this wonder cream and see if it could work its charms on my saggy under eyes @_@ may or may not have noticed but my right eye has a slight sag underneath it unlike my left...(weird right?)...anyway I had to live with this ever since I hit my early twenties which was around the time I started to appreciate the use of eye creams..although I did not use it nearly as religiously as I do now but I did try to salvage whatever I could to restore back my 'youth' was not until around my 25th birthday that I really cracked the whip and started becoming more strict on my skincare routine.

"Go Back to the best time of your skin"

As suggested by their motto, this eye cream is specifically formulated for those who are looking for Anti Wrinkle & Anti Aging solutions to a more youthful and collagen surged skin.

Application & Performance 

I apply the cream under my eyes twice a day. After I wash my face and before I tone, I like to apply a thin layer around my eyes before applying the toner (leaving out the under eye areas). I feel that when I do this the cream actually seeps in much better than if I leave it too long after I wash. The smell of the cream is very subtle sweet refreshing smell and the consistency of the cream is also not too thick and non sticky which I truly appreciate! I hate creams that are too sticky, and I feel this cream was just right. However, once applied I do find that it does have a lingering heaviness around the eyes, this may put some people off as they might not like the 'heavy' feeling of the cream (especially for those with oily skin) but for me I actually didn't mind, in fact I felt that the sensation may be part of its working spell as it works its magic on my skin! lol...and since I have dry skin as well..this was no problem.

As for the results itself I can actually feel that my under eye areas are lifted a little bit as compared to before. I have used this product for approximately a month and a half so I can't say I can see any drastic changes just yet, but a definite improvement is there! Like most other beauty creams, you just to need to use it consistently to see great results, and I am definitely going to continue using this eye cream to achieve that desired end results. Hopefully I will be able to post a before and after pic to show you guys any drastic changes that can be seen from using this eye cream!

My Verdict...Yay? or Nay?

I definite YAY for me since I do see results in just a month and a half so I can really look forward to a more promising end results when I continue to use it !!!...^_^ 

MY SCORE: 8/10 


Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Plum & Gold' Autumn/ Fall Inspired Makeup Collab. with MissElectraHeart

So how has everyone been doing? I am going to start bombarding you with Fall/Autumn and Halloween tutorials from now onwards! But today let's start off the trend with a Fall/Autumn Inspired tutorial first..Here I've taken inspirations from the rich warm beautiful colours of the season, in deep burgundy, plum, golds and of course the signature cranberry wine lips..

Here is my very first one, and in this tutorial I collaborated with my very good friend and the cutest little sister from another mister! Jeannie from MissElectraHeart!! Do go ahead and watch this tutorial if you are interested on how I achieved this deep plum/gold transitioning from Day to Night look! I hope U guys enjoy it ^___^ x

→ Sigma 'Persuade' Eyeshadow Base
→ Lorac Pro Palette
→ Anastasia Brow Duo Powder "Caramel"
→ Maybelline Hypergloss Liner
→ Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
→ Benefit Rockateur Blush
→ Wet n Wild 'Sugarplum Fairy'
→ Lime Crime 'Wicked'

→ Sigma Eyeshadow Base Brush
→ Sephora Pro Contour Brush
→ Sigma Tapered Blending E40
→ Sigma Medium Angled Shading E70
→ Sigma Pencil E30


Sugar Skulls Halloween Collab + HUGE $100 Sugar Pill GIVEAWAY! (Internat...

Hi ladies!! So I am back with another GIVEAWAY and this time it's HUGE!! This will also be my very first halloween makeup for 2014 which is this sugar skull makeup look I have created as part of a big group giveaway with three of my other talented youtube friends...Ann from Minsooky, Zane from ZaneMUA and Zerina from The Belle Adventures. 

For this GIVEAWAY one of you guys will be winning a $100 Gift Voucher from one of the funkiest makeup brand around, Sugar Pill Cosmetics!!!.. (Damnn even I want to get my hands on it loll)...but this is set up especially for U guys!! To show my deepest appreciation I have for all of you that have been following my blog this far...or have been a subscriber to my YT channel since the very beginning ^_^...Anyway if you want to enter and be part of this super duper Giveaway then make sure to watch the video linked on here...but just incase here is a recap of all the RULES you should follow to ENTER.



1.) You must be subscribed to this channel 'MsTaYaSunaz'

2.) BONUS ENTRIES if You Subscribe also to the following channels!

Zane MUA



3.) You must 'LIKE' my FB page

4.) You must Follow me on Twitter @TayaSunaz


5.) You must Follow me on Instagram IG: Taya_Sunaz

6.) You must be 18 or older to enter, if you are not please get parental permission because we don't wanna seem like creeps sending you free gifts.

7.) For the contest entry 'Like' this video and leave a comment below telling me... What U usually search for when you get onto YT?

- This giveaway is open for 13 days ONLY.
- PLEASE DO NOT SPAM because we don't want youtube to recognize this is a spammed video and get deleted.
- The contest will end on OCTOBER 23rd, so you have 13 days to get your entries in. 


 Good Luck Everyone!!!! ^_____^

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

UPDATED! Foundation Routine Feat. Bobbi Brown + Sigma Brushes Demo

Hi ladies! Today I have my updated foundation routine to share with you all! This is a full face/full coverage foundation routine (that I obviously don't do every single day..just on the days when I need to go all out or when I need full on coverage!) ..For my everyday foundation routine I usually just stick to tinted moisturizer with built in SPF..since I feel that is all I really need for my light makeup coverage for the whole day!
 In this video I am also gonna be showing you guys my latest obsession with my new BOBBI BROWN Foundation Stick that I got over a month ago...and CANNOT get enough of! lol... I have dry skin, this product really help to adhere full coverage without it looking flaky or still retains a level of moisture that my skin needs and doesn't seem to over dry itself over the course of the day..which is what I love so much! However it is advisable especially for those with combination to oily skin to not apply on too much of the product as it can become rather sticky..apply in moderation and set off with a powder only if u need to (but if u have dry skin like me..u will find that u may not need any setting powder^^)

I am also going to do a quick recap of the brushes I use for my foundation and concealer application. All of my preferred brushes are from SIGMA , just because they were my first proper set of makeup brushes and it lasted me a pretty long time so far! (3 years to be exact)..For the actual foundation application I find that it is best to go with this flat foundation brush heads like this Sigma Foundation F60 brush, which I find works much better with cream foundations, and to help target small problem areas while concealing, I like to go in with my Sigma precision flat P80 for evenness in covering. For the highlighter, I find that this Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86 is a great brush to work in the fine under eye areas. My favourite choice of concealer is this Duo Concealer from Physician's Formula which works great with my skin tone, and for highlighting of course it is none other than my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in 'Neutraliser'

For my usual every day foundation routine, where I don't need full coverage I love my URBAN DECAY Beauty Balm which has an added 20 SPF, and for those occasional days when I need to add some 'dewiness' I may also add a blob of my REVLON Photoready skin lights to add a bit of glow to my skin!

Hopefully U guys enjoyed reading a little bit about my foundation routine, Be sure to leave any comments if you have any..I'd love to hear your inputs!..^^..See ya in the next post!
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Friday, September 26, 2014

(OPEN) Lime Crime UTOPIA REVIEW & GIVEAWAY 2014!! (International)


So finally after a year and half since my very first giveaway (for 100 subs! memories..*_*) is my second one I will be hosting on my channel *woop woop*...I've been meaning to do one for a long while now..ever since my first 1k subs...and now at 3k..well..I decided it really is about time to get my ass into gear and actually put something together to show my appreciation to all of you guys who have stuck with me so far!! 

I just would like to say a big Thank you to U all..for being the reason behind all of this! For actually showing interest in the content I put up and appreciating the work that goes into the 3-5 minutes weekly tutorials...I really do appreciate each and everyone of you! ^^..Hopefully we will get to continue this great journey together :D 

Lastly...just want to let you all know that even if U guys didn't get to win this time...don't worry...I will be hosting at least TWO more giveaways in the near future keep that smile on ^__^...Anyway let's get on with it!...Watch the vid for my review on the latest of LIME CRIME Utopia Velvetines!...^^




So I really had the privilege of collaborating with Lime Crime Thailand this time...and trust me I was completely stoked when they wanted to send me this baby for review! :P Lime Crime Utopia is the latest shade to be added to their Velvetine Collection, and to be honest I think it may be their best colour they have come up with so far (My very biased opinion..since my fave colour is purple lol)..nevertheless this is a beautiful shade of 'Orchid Purple' that is great for any skin tone.
The packaging like all of the other velvetines, came in this little cute glass tube with pretty rose pattern cap. The applicator wand that comes with the product is so useful too, it really helped give a nice coverage to the whole lip while applying...and as U can see from the pic, the consistency of the formula just like the others is quite liquidy ..non stick and light. It glides effortlessly on and after a few seconds dries off to a nice matte finish!..I usually apply around 2 coats after it dries to really play up on the vibrancy of the colour, and as U can see it really is VERY pigmented!..LOVEEEE ~

The colour for me pretty much stayed on for the whole day, even after all eating and drinking (yes..we do ALOT of that :P )..the colour stays on well and there really wasn't any need for me to touch up. It sticks to U so well that it can be a pain to take off at the end of the day really need to scour your lips real good after wearing any of the velvetines on ure lips really! 

I decided to swatch Utopia next to some other velvetines to compare the pigmentation and vibrancy of each colour up close.. Pink Velvet is the middle one and Sued-berry is the last.and as U can see..Utopia has more of a cooler undertone to it..which makes it more wearable than the other two shades..and also at more occasions..

I decided to also throw in the darker side of the Velvetines colour spectrum for comparison..the last 3 shades, Wicked, Salem and BlackVelvet are from "The Clueless Witch" Collection, and the first colour is "Red Velvet" of course another fave staple of mine!

I also had a chance to pop into their shop that just recently opened in Bangkok, the first one I see so far that is a proper retailer of Lime Crime Products! (& yes there were several decibels of harmonious screaming in my head when I discovered that there was a Lime Crime Shop in Thailand!) Needless to say I spent the whole of that afternoon swatching and admiring the packaging and products in was so great to be able to do that before purchasing!...

The Shop is located close to the BTS (Skytrain) Asok Station area, at the Interchange Tower.. G took me awhile to find it at first since it was quite small..but it was definitely worth it ^^..there were so many stuff to look at (and play with! lol)..I really was quite shocked at how complete their collections were!...Besides the size of the shop..which was more like a little booth than a shop..I thoroughly enjoyed my time there! The shop has become so popular fast that most of the popular shades were gone...and many had to be put down on the waiting list..which kinda sucked but hey it only proves that their products are worth the wait! :P


LADIES...please be careful of FRAUDS! There is so many fakes and copies that are made and distributed to look like the real ones when they're not! be careful when shopping for Lime Crime!..Make sure U see a Hologram sticker on both the packaging and the product itself before purchasing!!! BE SURE & most importantly BE SAFE! U don't want some crazy ingredients in your velvetines! :P

Be sure to ENTER this GIVEAWAY!! Thanks for tuning in dolls..and I'll see u in the next post!..Good luck!...

Moochies xxx



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Monday, September 22, 2014

Glitter Cut Crease & Purple Lips Feat. LIME CRIME UTOPIA

YES! So I finally I got my hands on this new badass colour UTOPIA from Lime Crime! *Screams* and what a stunning shade of purple it really is! The promo pictures featuring the colour really did not dissappoint! With such a vibrant blend of orchid purple and deep violet, I was first quite skeptical about how wearable it would for daytime look but once it on, well the rest was history because this colour definitely hit it off big time with me!!  Thank you so much Lime Crime Thailand for fueling my obsession with Lime Crime Lip colours even further! 
To celebrate I pretty much jumped right in and started filming this tutorial almost as soon as I got home...and the outcome of the the eye makeup was actually quite impressive! The dark cut crease and glitter on the lids really offsets the vibrant purple on the lips making the whole look really come together :)

 Products I used to achieve this look:

Lorac Pro Palette
UD Midnight Cowboy Glitter Pen
UD 24/7 Glide On Black Pencil
Maybelline Hypergloss Black Liner
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo "Caramel"
Boktoh Lashes 019 (Thai Brand)
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Tarte "Glisten" Blush
Lime Crime Utopia

So let's get this tutorial started shall we? ;)

  1. After priming your eyes, take a GOLD colour from the Lorac Pro Palette (If you don't have the palette just use something similar) and just apply that all over the upper fold of your crease.
  2. Blend out any harsh edges and follow by apply a few dabs of CHAMPAGNE & NUDE all over your main lids.
  3. Apply the colour ESPRESSO onto the outer V to create the an outline of your crease. Deepen the colour until you are happy with the intensity.
  4. Andd of course blend out any harsh lines (a key to creating any makeup look is to BLEND GIRL!!) 
  5. Create a cat eye with any black liner of your choice, for me I personally prefer liquid liners (Maybelline Hypergloss Liner to be exact) since they give off a nice and neat clean cut finish to any look.
  6. Go back to ESPRESSO (or any dark browns) to further deepen your crease, this will really help make the whole look pop!
  7. Apply a pair of falsies of your choice, I am using a pair of BOKTOH 019 (Thai Brand) natural lashes, follow that by applying some BLACK along your lower lash line to intensify your look further.
  8. Next is onto the fun part! Apply some glitter all over your main lids as well as your lower lash line to add some bling ;) Here I am using my favourite URBAN DECAY MIDNIGHT COWBOY glitter pen^^...Use your fingers to spread out the glitter across your lids.
Lastly to finish the whole look off, it's time to put on our pout! Here I am so excited to be using my Lime Crime UTOPIA for the first time, and I feel that the glitter on the eyes and this beautiful orchid purple colour compliments well with each other.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick pictorial for this look! Be sure to check out my full makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel! Thanks for tuning in and I'll see U all in my next post ^_^ Byeee x

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