Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Fairy Princess Look for Halloween!

I am absolutely in love with fairies and magical creatures of the forest..and NO I am not too old for that lol...It is a beautiful thing to be able to believe in something that can momentarily take you out of the real life chaos and allow you to live your magical fantasies..! So for my second and most likely my final look for Halloween this year I've decided to let out my inner child and dress up as a beautiful fairy princess for Halloween. If you would like to see how I achieved this look then please don't forget to check out my YT video on my channel.. This also happens to be a collab vid with Cindy aka Lovestory13 from YouTube.


Friday, October 25, 2013

☆ ♥ Introducing MINZI! My Pomeranian Puppy! ♥ ☆ (+playlist)


Back in my baby's arms ^_^

So I have finally reached the and sound..and extremely happy!.. I am finally back where I belong, right in my baby's arms :)...It has been 3 months since we were together last, and it is so great to know that we will be able to celebrate our first halloween...thanksgiving and christmas together!! I cannot be any more happy or excited for what's to come ^_^. However, that's not the only thing I am excited about, we have also a new member to the family..'Minzi' our pomeranian puppy who travelled the long gruesome 23 odd hours to finally meet her daddy, and I must say how relieved I am that she did not kick up a fuss and was an angel through out the transits & flights. Watch out for the upcoming intro vid I will be making on our fur ball baby Minzi!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Officially announcing!..My Move to the STATES! yeyy!!

HI dolls! So here it big life changing announcement that is to bring a span-key new chapter into my already adventurous life..I will be moving in with my boyfriend in the States :)..Since he is in the US Air force, living location is still unclear but I will be stopping by his family in Boston first before moving in with him on base..^_^..excited much? not quite..I AM ECSTATIC!!!! Watch out for my big announcement on my channel as well as some long distance relationship advise and tips for anyone who is finding themselves currently anticipating or already in a LDR..Don't give up! Love conquers all :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My favourite warm Autumn/Fall Drugstore Lipsticks :)

So just the other day I was wondering around the brightly lit aisles of my favourite drugstore 'boots', and of course the harmless 'wondering' and 'browsing' became another impulse purchase(s)..and you cannot really blame me for it..cuz..I mean...HAVE YOU SEEN MAYBELLINE'S new collection for FALL yet??, they are amazing!!!! I was very surprised by the rich texture of the lipstick against the back of my hand and the brilliant colour it gave, it blew me away so much I had to get 5 of them...LOL...I just love how rich and warm each shades were, and the beautiful life it can give to your overall fall makeup look. Swatches and review on the colours of these lipsticks will be featured in my next stay tuned ;)..until then..some eye candy for you to dream about first...quality stuff for less..I love it

Maybelline's 'Fall/Autumn' Collection

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