Friday, November 29, 2013

♔Thanksgiving Edition: Get Ready with ME! || COLLAB with TheTukkyTuk11 ♔



I am so excited to say that this was my first time ever experiencing the beauty of thanksgiving here in the States, and it was incredibly festive & warm! Left me happy fuzzy feelings inside, and I could not deny the chance to get my hands on making my own turkey (thighs) for there's no way  2 people can really finish a whole turkey, plus I had no idea how to bake one form scratch so it was all a wonderful experience! & to be fair, it really didn't turn out that badly at all :P, at least it seems that way with my boyfriend's empty plate lol! So just want to wish everyone a wonderful thanksgiving & happy holidays! I have also posted a quick get ready with me OOTD Thanksgiving & a VLOG-MAS will come up shortly :) so stay tuned x

My Thanksgiving OOTD 
SUCCESS! My first attempt to making Thanksgiving :)


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


So time sure flies by when you're having fun right? LOL..Well I guess that sure is the case for me! A lot has happened this year, mostly good! :) So I can't really complain! My birthday has come and gone & my lovely boyfriend has surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses, chocolates & balloon , not to mention he also thrown in a teddy bear in there, I was very impressed lol..I guess everyday will be Valentine's day for us :P Since it was my special day, we decided to pop to a nearby sushi place around our area, and it was so good! I missed Japanese food a lot since moving to the States from Bangkok, so last night was indeed a real treat for the both of us :) A little peek into my OOTN of my special day! Wishing all of you a beautiful day! & Watch out for a Thanksgiving Get Ready with Me vid! Coming out shortly ;)


Thursday, November 21, 2013

♡ URBAN DECAY VICE 2 PALETTE Review and Swatches ♡ (+playlist)


Sultry Birthday Look feat. Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Hi ladies! This year has flown by so fast that it totally took me by surprise (and I nearly forgot!) that my birthday was approaching hehe...and so I decided to plan a look together ready for my birthday, a little birdie told me that my boyfriend is going to take me out on a special dinner so that got me all hyped up for it! It will be our first year celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend so I have to make sure I look my best :) Here I've decided to use my new Urban Decay Vice 2 palette (Swatches & Review coming up shortly).. Watch out for a full tutorial on this look on my YT channel :) x


Sunday, November 17, 2013

RiRi Woo Kisses X

New Purchase! RiRi Woo Red Lipgloss! I am not too late for this wagon, let's just say I have waited for  A LONG TIME! & Finally the waiting has paid off and I am finally rewarded for my patience hehe. I would have preferred the lipstick over gloss but having swatched and worn it a couple of times since purchase I must admit I am not disappointed :) Watch my latest YT vid of some of the other goodies I managed to land on from Sephora! Swatches & Demo on UD Vice 2 Palette coming soon along with some wicked tutorials in time for Thanks Giving! Happy Holidays everyone ^_^




Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Check out my tutorial on how to achieve amazingly simple yet effective smokey eyes using NAKED 2 Palette ! <3


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Signature Smokey Eyes! Feat. UD Naked 2 Palette

Hello ladies! Today I am back with a very quick and simple eye tutorial for you all! It is the classic smokey eyes made easy, using just one palette! No hassle or fuss, assuring that you can be out of the door within 20 minutes tops :) All that was needed was UD Naked 2 Palette, or if you don't have that particular palette, just grab for a palette with similar color combinations :)
Be sure to check out my YT channel for this a complete step by step tutorial on this look!

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