Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GOODBYE 2013!! & A Happy New Year to U all!

Finally it's time for the FINAL countdown! It is approximately 1 1/2 hours until the time takes us on to a brand new year, and so I have taken some time out to have a last minute ponder and reminisce the year I've had in 2013 before it slips into 2014. I must say I have never thought I would accomplish so much in the space of one year, and yet I thank god I did. A lot has happened and my life has never felt or been better! And so I'd like to take this moment to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year...I hope you will be able to accomplish the many things you have in store for yourselves in 2014, I know I have a lot more of my dreams and personal goals all laid out ready for me to conquer. Be Safe & Have fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Look 2: Glitter Glam & Ruby Lips New Year's Eve Makeup/ Hair & Outfit Fe...


Look 2: Glitter Glam with Ruby Lips NYE Makeup Look

Hey guys! So as promised this is my second look for this year's NYE party and ultimately it will also be my very last video for the year 2013! I am really happy to finally post this look up for u guys because I know some of you have been asking for the tutorial for it :)

For this second look, I've decided to go for a more glittery and sparkly look around the eyes & vamp up my lips with a more vibrant colour. Here, I am using my favourite lipstick from Maybelline 'Berry Brilliant' in # 996. This shade of lipstick contrasts well with the glittery eye makeup I have on & really helps to tie the whole look together. 

For the outfit, I decided on a beautiful striped/ floral pattern dress I got from H&M in Bangkok and paired it with my bling black heels from Korea. I tied the whole look off with gold accessories and red nail polish from Butter London.

I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! Let me know what you think! & of course I wish you a all a beautiful and prosperous New Year!!! Be safe and have fun! See You all next year! :)


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Look 1: Glamorous New Year's Eve Makeup/Hair & Outfit! Feat. Vice 2 Palette


LOOK 1: Glamorous New Year's Eve Party Look

So...New Year's Eve is right around the corner.. and I am still not totally out of my Christmas mood yet!...Crazy how this year just flew by huh?!. For this New Year's Eve I've opted for two glamorous looks, totally glommed out and party appropriate. The first look is more of a smokey neutral glam using the fabulous Vice 2 palette by Urban Decay combined with beautiful frosty lips & cheeks. I've chosen a combination of shimmery pink & silver on my lids, followed by a darker colour along my outer crease to create a more defined cut-crease party look :) 

For my first outfit choice I decided to go for something comfortable yet stylish, I opted for my neck embellished black dress from Forever21, which I paired off with some H&M patterned black tights & Jeffrey Campbell metal capped heels. The whole look was tied together with some gorgeous red nail polish from Butter London & Accessories from the wonderful fashionable streets of Bangkok ;)


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beautiful frosty holiday makeup for parties!

Hi ladies! Today I am back with this beautiful dreamlike frosty makeup so appropriate and totally in tuned with the festivities and parties we all know this holiday will be embarking on us! I am using my new VICE 2 palette to achieve this look, and I had such great fun creating it :) the turnout of the look turned out just as I wanted and I hope you all will love the look too ^_^...I will be editing the video later today, hopefully I will be able to have it up for you guys for christmas! Have a wonderful christmas everyone! ^^


3 Glam Night HOLIDAY Party Outfit Ideas! (+playlist)


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beyonce ft. Drake "Mine" Official Music Video Inspired Makeup


Beyonce ft Drake 'Mine' MV Inspired makeup!

 Since the surprise announcement of her album together with her 30 second MV visual previews of her 17 new songs last week, I was in absolute awe of Beyonce's creativity & fell in love with her even more than ever before..but the one visual that really stuck on me was her song 'Mine' featuring Drake. I absolutely loved the intro beats into the song but it wasn't just catchy beats that caught my attention but it was the one scene where she had on a beautiful deep smokey blue/purple eye makeup, and of course I could not but recreate the look!

It was my first time really uploading two videos back to back within a day apart from each other lol but that was how eager I was to try out the new look, and of course the perfect palette for this, I though was my Vice 2 palette from Urban Decay :) Be sure to check out the video for full tutorial on how to achieve this look!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Urban Decay NAKED 3 Comparison with NAKED2 || by Taya Sunaz


NAKED 3 Swatches

Finally got my hands on NAKED 3 :) and yes I already jumped right in and played with the colors lol, in depth review will be up shortly on my channel! Stay tuned <3


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

♡ 2NE1 BOM PARK 'Missing You' Inspired makeup ♡


2NE1 PARK BOM 'Missing You' MV Makeup

I have been and always will be a DIE HARD 2NE1 FAN! Blackjacks FOREVER! lol I am absolutely in love with this group's sense of style, music & above all MAKEUP looks! I love getting beautiful inspirations from their numerous MVs.


Their newest MV 'Missing You' is one of my favourite makeup looks on the girls, they look absolutely flawless & effortlessly stunning. The theme of their makeup in the MV fits in perfectly with the holiday season, the colors reflect the cool scenes of Winter. I especially LOVED Bommie's makeup, I guess it's partly to do with the bejeweled eye makeup that was definitely appealing to me! LOL (I am a softy for anything sparkly & blingy) Like a moth to the lights, I am just drawn to them haha. I had fun recreating Bommie's makeup in this MV & I think it is by far one of my fave looks ever recreated from an idol, so I hope you guys enjoy it! :)



Thursday, December 5, 2013

D.I.Y Blinged out Phone Covers!

So are you all set for all the christmas pressies you need to get your loved ones? ..or are any of your friends a glitter/bling-mania? If they are then this might just be a perfect little christmas gift for them :) As intricate & overwhelmingly fiddly as it looks, these cases were actually fairly easy to decorate! because once you have started, it is kinda difficult to stop! LOL it kinda carries you away with it in a way! It took me approximately 2 hours in total to completely finish each of my cases & it was such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment once you have finally completed it!

  I felt so proud of myself for having completed each one of them, plus they look really pretty & I know now I don't need to rip an arm or a leg for one of the Lux Addiction covers! All in all I spent altogether just under $15 for each of my creation, and had a ton of fun making them :) Be sure to check out my tutorial on my channel if you would like to see how I achieved these amazing gift ideas!

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